Attack.pngAttack is a skil which enhances the player's aim with melee attacks and allows players to wield superior weapons. To train the attack skill, a player must first select an accurate or controlled style of fighting, and then engage in combat with an enemy.


As a player's level in the Attack skill increases, he or she will be able to use more superior weapons. Following is a list of these weapons/weapon types and the required levels to wield them.

Level Unlock
1 Bronze Dagger.png Bronze Weapons
1 Iron Dagger.png Iron Weapons
5 Steel Dagger.png Steel Weapons
10 Black Dagger.png Black Weapons
20 Mithril Dagger.png Mithril Weapons
30 Adamant Dagger.png Adamant Weapons
40 Rune Dagger.png Rune Weapons
50 Granite Maul.png Granite Maul1
60 Dragon Dagger.png

Dragon Weapons

70 Abyssal Whip.png Abyssal Whip
70 Dharok's Greataxe.png Barrows Brother Weapons2

1 Also requires 50 strength

2 Dharok's greataxe and Torag's hammers also require 70 strength.

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