Cooking.png Cooking is a skill that allows players to create and cook meals that restore the player's health. To train the cooking skill, a player must use uncooked food on a range or fire. Alternatively, they may make wine or nettle tea.

Cookable Items

There are a variety of items that a player can cook. The following tables show them and the levels required to cook them.

Level Item
1 Cooked Meat.png Meat
1 Cooked Chicken.png Chicken
1 Bread.png Bread
1 Sardine.png Sardine
1 Anchovies.png Anchovies
1 Karambwan.png Karambwan
1 Shrimps.png Shrimps
5 Herring.png Herring
10 Mackeral.png Mackeral
10 Pie.png Redberry pie
15 Trout.png Trout
18 Cod.png Cod
20 Pike.png Pike
20 Nettle Tea.png Nettle Tea
20 Pie.png Meat pie
25 Salmon.png Salmon
25 Stew.png Stew
25 Spicy Stew.png Spicy Stew
29 Mud Pie.png Mud pie
30 Tuna.png Tuna
30 Pie.png Apple pie
31 Fish Cake.png Fish cake
34 Garden Pie.png Garden pie
35 Plain Pizza.png Plain pizza
35 Jug of Wine.png Wine
40 Lobster.png Lobster
40 Cake.png Cake
43 Bass.png Bass
45 Swordfish.png Swordfish
45 Meat Pizza.png Meat pizza
47 Fish Pie.png Fish pie
50 Chocolate Cake.png Chocolate cake
55 Anchovy Pizza.png Anchovy pizza
58 Pitta Bread.png Pitta bread
60 Curry.png Curry
65 Pineapple Pizza.png Pineapple pizza
70 Admiral Pie.png Admiral pie
80 Shark.png Shark
82 Sea Turtle.png Sea turtle
85 Wild Pie.png Wild pie
91 Manta Ray.png Manta ray
95 Summer Pie.png Summer pie
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