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Firemaking is a skill that allows players to light fires and light sources. To train firemaking, a player must obtain some logs through woodcutting or trading, and then use a tinderbox on them. If the player does not have a tinderbox, he or she may buy one at a general store.


Fires, also known as cookfires, logfires, or campfires, are one of the things a player can light using the firemaking skill. As the player's firemaking level increases, he or she will be able to create campfires out of higher quality logs. Below is a table showing the various types of log fires a player can burn, and the experience gained from them:

Log Type Level Required Experience Gained
Regular 1
Achey Logs.png
Achey 1
Oak Logs.png
Oak 15
Willow Logs.png
Willow 30
Teak Logs.png
Teak 35
Maple Logs.png
Maple 45
Mahogany Logs.png
Mahogany 50
Yew Logs.png
Yew 60
Magic 75

Light Sources[]

Other than for creating fires, firemaking is useful for igniting light sources. Below is a table of the various light sources and the firemaking level required to light them:

Light Source Level Required
Lit Torch.png
Torch 1
Lit Candle.png
Candle 1
Unlit Candle Lantern.png
Candle lantern 4
Unlit Oil Lamp.png
Oil lamp 12
Unlit Oil Lantern.png
Oil lantern 26
Unlit Bullseye Lantern.png
Bullseye lantern 49
Unlit Mining Helmet.png
Mining helmet 65