Firemaking.png Firemaking is a skill that allows players to light fires and light sources. To train firemaking, a player must obtain some logs through woodcutting or trading, and then use a tinderbox on them. If the player does not have a tinderbox, he or she may buy one at a general store.


Fires, also known as cookfires, logfires, or campfires, are one of the things a player can light using the firemaking skill. As the player's firemaking level increases, he or she will be able to create campfires out of higher quality logs. Below is a table showing the various types of log fires a player can burn, and the experience gained from them:

Log Type Level Required Experience Gained
Logs.png Regular 1
Achey Logs.png Achey 1
Oak Logs.png Oak 15
Willow Logs.png Willow 30
Teak Logs.png Teak 35
Maple Logs.png Maple 45
Mahogany Logs.png Mahogany 50
Yew Logs.png Yew 60
Magic 75

Light Sources

Other than for creating fires, firemaking is useful for igniting light sources. Below is a table of the various light sources and the firemaking level required to light them:

Light Source Level Required
Lit Torch.png Torch 1
Lit Candle.png Candle 1
Unlit Candle Lantern.png Candle lantern 4
Unlit Oil Lamp.png Oil lamp 12
Unlit Oil Lantern.png Oil lantern 26
Unlit Bullseye Lantern.png Bullseye lantern 49
Unlit Mining Helmet.png Mining helmet 65
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