Fishing.png Fishing is a skill that allows for players to catch fish, crustaceans, and other various sea creatures. To practice the fishing skill, a player must first obtain some fishing equipment and then attempt to fish at the correct fishing spot. Fishing spots can be found scattered throughout the world, and are marked on the minimap with a circled fish symbol that can be seen on the right.  Fishing Spot Marker.png


There are a variety of creatures a player can catch. Below is a table displaying them and at which levels they can be caught at.

Level Catch
1 Raw Shrimp.png Shrimps
5 Raw Karambwanji.png Karambwanji
5 Raw Sardine.png Sardine
10 Raw Herring.png Herring
15 Raw Anchovies.png Anchovies
16 Raw Mackeral.png Mackeral
20 Raw Trout.png Trout
23 Raw Cod.png Cod
25 Raw Pike.png Pike
28 Slimy Eel.png Slimy eel
30 Raw Salmon.png Salmon
33 Frog Spawn.png Frog spawn
35 Raw Tuna.png Tuna
36 Raw Cave Eel.png Cave eel
40 Raw Lobster.png Lobster
46 Raw Bass.png Bass
50 Raw Swordfish.png Swordfish
53 Raw Lava Eel.png Lava eel
65 Raw Karambwan.png Karambwan
76 Raw Shark.png Shark
79 Raw Sea Turtle.png Sea turtle
81 Raw Manta Ray.png Manta ray


There are several different approaches a player can take to fishing when it comes to equipment. Below is a table of equipment types and the levels required to use them.

Level Fishing Equipment
1 Small Fishing Net.png Small fishing net
5 Fishing Rod.png Fishing rod
16 Big Fishing Net.png Big fishing net
20 Fly Fishing Rod.png Fly fishing rod
35 Harpoon.png Harpoon
40 Lobster Cage.png Lobster cage
53 Fishing Rod.png Oily fishing rod
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