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Prayer is a skill that allows a player to activate prayers that have various effects such as stat boosts and damage prevention for a limited period of time. To train the prayer skill, players must bury bones. Bones can be obtained from monster drops, through trading, or from various spawns across the world. At level 31 prayer, players can enter the Edgeville Monastery.


There are various types of bones that can be buried. Below is a table showing the various types of bones and how much experience is gained by burying them.

Item Experience
Big Bones.png
Big bones
Dragon bones


In total, there are 18 different prayers for a player to use. Below is a table the prayers, the levels required to use them, and their effects.

Level Prayer Effect
Thick Skin.png
Thick Skin Increases your defence by 5%
Burst of Strength.png
Burst of Strength Increases your strength by 5%
Clarity of Thought.png
Clarity of Thought Increases your attack by 5%
Rock Skin.png
Rock Skin Increases your defence by 10%
Superhuman Strength.png
Superhuman Strength Increases your strength by 10%
Improved Reflexes.png
Improved Reflexes Increases your attack by 10%
Rapid Restore.png
Rapid Restore 2x restore rate for all stats except hitpoints and prayer
Rapid Heal.png
Rapid Heal 2x restore rate for hitpoints stat
Protect Items.png
Protect Items Keep 1 extra item if you die
Steel Skin.png
Steel Skin Increases your defence by 15%
Ultimate Strength.png
Ultimate Strength Increases your strength by 15%
Incredible Reflexes.png
Incredible Reflexes Increases your attack by 15%
Protect From Magic.png
Protect from Magic Protection from magical attacks
Protect From Missiles.png
Protect from Missiles Protection from ranged attacks
43 Protect from Melee Protection from close attacks
46 Retribution Inflicts damage to nearby targets if you die
49 Redemption Heals you if your health falls below 10%
52 Smite 1/4 of damage dealt is also removed from opponent's prayer

Prayer Points[]

In order to activate a prayer, a player must have at least 1 prayer point. A player's number of prayer points depends upon their prayer level. Each level gives a player 1 prayer point. When a player activates a prayer, his or her prayer points will begin to drain until they reach zero. When a player's prayer points are at zero, they will need to pray at an altar or drink a prayer potion made using the herblore skill in order to restore them.

Altar Locations[]

Altars are found at nearly any church or temple in the world. Below is a list of altar locations:

  • Lumbridge
  • Varrock
  • Edgeville monastery
  • Port Sarim
  • Seer's Village
  • East Ardougne
  • Camelot
  • Druids' Circle
  • Kandarin monastery
  • Entrana
  • Black Knight's Fortress
  • North of the Observatory
  • Duel Arena
  • Chaos temple
  • Wilderness temple