Runecraft is a skill that allows for players to create runestones that are needed to cast magical spells. To begin practicing the runecrafting skill, you will need a talisman that matches the type of rune you wish to craft. Talismans can be obtained in many ways, most notably through monster drops or by trading with other players. You will also need some rune or pure essence, and you must know the location of the runecrafting altar that matches the type of rune you wish to craft. To obtain rune or pure essence, you can simply trade other players for it, or if you have done the Rune Mysteries Quest, you can mine it yourself. The quest allows you to be teleported to the rune essence mine by NPCs such as Aubury at his rune shop in Varrock.

Types of Runes You Can Craft

When you begin practicing the runecraft skill for the first time, you will only be able to create air runes, but as your level rises, new rune types will become available to craft. Below is a table that shows the levels needed for each variety of rune.

Rune Type Level Required
Air Rune.png Air 1
Mind Rune.png Mind 2
Water Rune.png Water 5
Earth Rune.png Earth 9
Fire Rune.png Fire 14
Body Rune.png Body 20
Cosmic Rune.png Cosmic 27
Chaos Rune.png Chaos 35
Nature Rune.png Nature 44
Law Rune.png Law 54
Death Rune.png Death 65

Multiple Runes

As your runecraft level rises, you will begin to craft multiple runes per single rune essence. For example, if your runecraft level is 78 or above and you craft rune essence into earth runes, you will recieve 4 earth runes per rune essence crafted. The following table shows at which levels you will begin to receive multiple runes per essence crafted.

Rune Type Level for 1x Level for 2x Level for 3x Level for 4x Level for 5x Level for 6x Level for 7x Level for 8x Level for 9x Level for 10x
Air Rune.png Air 1 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99
Mind Rune.png Mind 2 14 28 42 56 70 84 98
Water Rune.png Water 5 19 38 57 76 95
Earth Rune.png Earth 9 26 52 78
Fire Rune.png Fire 14 35 70
Body Rune.png Body 20 46 92
Cosmic Rune.png Cosmic 27 59
Chaos Rune.png Chaos 35 74
Nature Rune.png Nature 44 91
Law Rune.png Law 54
Death Rune.png Death 65


Players can create runic tiarias that allow them to enter runecrafting ruins. These runic tiaras are useful because they can be worn on the head slot, which frees up an inventory space for more rune or pure essence. To create a runic tiara, players must bring a normal silver tiara that can be created using the crafting skill and a talisman of the desired rune type to the altar that matches the talisman's rune type. They can then imbue the tiara with the power of the talisman using the altar, destroying the talisman in the process.

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