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Slayer is a skill that allows players to damage special monsters that tend to have exclusive drops and/or valuable drops. To train the slayer skill, players must first seek out a slayer master and receive a slayer task from them. Players must then fight and kill the monster they were assigned to gain experience.

Recommended Items[]

It is recommended that a player brings an enchanted gem with them whilst slaying monsters, as it will allow for them to keep track of how many monsters they have yet to kill in order to complete their task.

Slayer Masters[]

There are five different slayer masters a player may receive tasks from. Each has its own requirements and gives the player different difficulties of tasks. A slayer master with a higher combat level requirement will typically give more difficult tasks than those with a lower combat level requirement. Below is a table showing the various slayer masters, their locations, and their requirements.

Level Requirements Master's Name Location
3 combat Turael Burthope
20 combat Mazchna Canifis
40 combat Vannaka Edgeville Dungeon
70 combat Chaeldar Zanaris
100 combat, 50 slayer Duradel Shilo Village