Slayer.png Slayer is a skill that allows players to damage special monsters that tend to have exclusive drops and/or valuable drops. To train the slayer skill, players must first seek out a slayer master and receive a slayer task from them. Players must then fight and kill the monster they were assigned to gain experience.

Slayer Masters

There are five different slayer masters a player may receive tasks from. Each has its own requirements and gives the player different difficulties of tasks. A slayer master with a higher combat level requirement will typically give more difficult tasks than those with a lower combat level requirement. Below is a table showing the various slayer masters, their locations, and their requirements.

Level Requirements Master's Name Location
3 combat Turael Burthope
20 combat Mazchna Canifis
40 combat Vannaka Edgeville Dungeon
70 combat Chaeldar Zanaris
100 combat, 50 slayer Duradel Shilo Village
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