Strength.png Strength is a skill that allows for a player to hit higher amounts of damage and also wear a few miscellaneous pieces of equipment. To train the strength skill, a player must first select an aggressive or controlled style of fighting, and then engage in combat with an enemy.


There are a few pieces of equipment that require a strength level to use. Below is a table showing them and what strength level they require.

Level Item
10 Mithril Halberd.png Mithril halberd1
15 Adamant Halberd.png Adamant halberd2
20 Rune Halberd.png Rune halberd3
30 Dragon Halberd.png Dragon halberd4
50 Granite Maul.png Granite maul5
50 Granite Shield.png Granite armour6
60 Obsidian Maul.png TzHaar-Ket-Om
70 Dharok's Greataxe.png Dharok's greataxe7
70 Torag's Hammers.png Torag's hammers7

1Also requires 20 attack

2Also requires 30 attack

3Also requires 40 attack

4Also requires 60 attack

5Also requires 50 attack

6Also requires 50 defence

7Also requires 70 attack


  • The TzHaar-Ket-Om is the only weapon that has solely a strength level requirement. Because of this, it is very popular with strength pures.
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