Woodcutting is a skill in that allows players to cut down trees and create canoes. To practice the woodcutting skill, a player must have an axe in their inventory or be wielding one that they have a high enough woodcutting level to use, and then attempt to chop down a tree.

Tree/Log Types[edit | edit source]

As a player's woodcutting level increases, he or she will be able to cut down better grades of trees. Below is a table showing the different types of logs a player can cut, the levels required to do so, and the experience gained per log cut:

Log Type Level Required Experience Gained
Regular 1
Achey Logs.png
Achey 1
Oak Logs.png
Oak 15
Willow Logs.png
Willow 30
Teak Logs.png
Teak 35
Maple Logs.png
Maple 45
Hollow 45
Mahogany Logs.png
Mahogany 50
Yew Logs.png
Yew 60
Magic 75

Axes[edit | edit source]

As a player's woodcutting level increases, they can also use more effective axes. Below is a table showing the types of axes a player can use and at what woodcutting levels they can use them:

Axe Level Required
Bronze Axe.png
Bronze Axe 1
Iron Axe.png
Iron Axe 1
Steel Axe.png
Steel Axe 6
Black Axe.png
Black Axe 6
Mithril Axe.png
Mithril Axe 21
Adamant Axe.png
Adamant Axe 31
Rune Axe.png
Rune Axe 41
Dragon Axe.png
Dragon Axe 61

Canoes[edit | edit source]

Other than lumbering, woodcutting is also useful for creating canoes to travel in. Below is a table of the canoes a player can make and at what levels they can make them at:

Canoe Level
Log Canoe 12
Dugout Canoe 27
Stable Canoe 42
Waka Canoe 57
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